Someone bet $500,000 on the Seahawks, giving 6.5


Last month, someone made a moneyline wager on the Packers to beat the Jaguars. The $99,000 wager, at -1100 odds, eventually won $9,000. During the three hours of the game, the person who placed the bet likely lost plenty of weight via sweat and other bodily secretions.

Last night, someone had the Seahawks for $500,000. Not as a moneyline wager but giving the points. The spread landed at 6.5.

It looked like a good bet, with the Seahawks leading by 14 late in the game, 23-9. Then came a Hail Mary that tight end Richard Rodgers (who knows a thing or two about Hail Marys) caught with one hand, cutting the margin to eight. And then came a two-point conversion, trimming the final score from to 23-17.

Six points. Wager lost. $500,000 gone forever.

Yes, whoever made the bet surely has plenty more where that came from. But the person has $500,000 less today than he or she had yesterday. And $500,000 can buy a lot of things.

As the casino that won the wager will soon find out.